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Washhaus is a state-of-the-art car wash destination specializing in express exterior and full service washes using cutting edge technology and equipment to ensure a superior customer experience. We are committed to sustainability and investing in waste water technologies and water efficiency practices to affirm our environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to protect the Chesapeake Bay, and in providing a great wash at an affordable price.

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Washing Your Car at Home

Many people are now realizing the damaging effects washing a car at home can cause to the environment. The run-off created from washing your car at home pollutes the local streams and rivers when untreated water and chemicals enter local storm drains. This is why the Chesapeake Bay Foundation recommends to wash your car at a commercial car wash.

At Washhaus

We have teamed up with EcoLab in its Blue Coral Beyond Green program to ensure that the products we use are not contaminant sources. We also take great pride in our reduced energy consumption designed facility: Unlike touchless washes, soft touch uses much less water and produces a much cleaner vehicle. In addition, soft touch doesn’t require heating the water, offering tremendous energy conservation. Our green technology also extends beyond the wash tunnel. Our building is equipped with tankless hot water heaters, automatic light sensors, low E glass, solar shading and more. We use recycled products wherever possible – in fact, our steel constructed 6,600 sq. ft. building is built with recycled material.